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Before Purchasing SpinRite
Our “BootAble” freeware may be used to verify that SpinRite
will boot and run on any systems you plan to use.
Click image to jump to BootAble's home page.
Many newer computers have dropped their support for booting non-UEFI BIOS
(DOS) operating systems. Current versions of SpinRite need this in order to run.
Today's SpinRite v6.1 runs everywhere and on any systems where any previous versions of SpinRite would run. But the renewed interest in SpinRite, not only for data recovery but for solid state mass storage performance recovery, has new users wishing to use it on their newer machines. While this is still often possible, it should be tested and verified before purchasing SpinRite, since there are many newer systems that will need to wait for the next release of SpinRite (7.0) which will be able to run on UEFI-only machines.

If you have older machines that have run DOS or SpinRite before, or you have successfully booted “BootAble” and you wish to purchase SpinRite v6.1, please click the button below. Note that once SpinRite 7 is available, all existing SpinRite 6 owners will be able to upgrade at a reduced price.

Thank you!

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