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Assistance from our Office for
Purchasing & Upgrading

We are always here and hoping to help with any trouble you have either before, during, or after your purchase of our products.

(For technical assistance with the operation and use of our products, please see our Technical Support page.)

Purchase & Upgrade Assistance:

We are also glad to assist you — anytime — by eMail.

Please write to: .

If you are writing to obtain proof of ownership of a previous version of SpinRite (your previous copy's serial number) for upgrading to SpinRite 6.0, we will need to locate you by the information we obtained from you at the time of your previous purchase. To help with that, please provide as much information as possible — based upon the date of that purchase — in your initial eMail request:

The approximate date and SpinRite version of your purchase.
Your full name, company name, and phone numbers.
Your mailing address with city, state, and zipcode.

If you are not sure where you resided at the time, please provide any alternate addresses we may have recorded at the time of your purchase. We will do our best to locate and verify your previous ownership, and provide you with the serial number from your last copy of SpinRite for use in upgrading to our current version.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for improving our service, we are always interested.

Thanks for your patronage and support.

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