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Terms and Conditions of our
commercial software licensing

Individual End-Users may use our software on any of their personally and privately owned machines. We believe it is unreasonable to ask a private individual who owns several PCs to purchase a separate copy for every machine. In return, we ask that our software not be shared with friends. Since it can be purchased and downloaded immediately, they can have it just as quickly if you will direct those individuals here.
Consultants or Corporate sites may use our software on any of their client's machines, or on multiple machines located at a single physical site, if they own and maintain four copies of the software being used at its latest revision level. This simple and easily audited requirement allows consultants or site licensors to qualify for such use by upgrading and/or purchasing whatever additional copies of software are required to have and maintain a total of four copies at the latest revision level.
Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee: Our products are licensed with a 30-day absolute satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy — for any reason — with your software purchase decision, you may write to within 30-days of your purchase to request and promptly receive a full refund of your purchase charge. Unless you instruct otherwise, the charge will be "reversed" with a credit for the charge amount applied to your card. If you contact our offices for this purpose, please state that the software in question has been removed from all computers and all copies have been destroyed. Provide the "Transaction Code" that appeared on your purchase receipt web page and eMail, or the serial number of the product you wish refunded. You will promptly receive an eMail confirming that the refund has been applied to your card.
Limitation of Liability: As is typical for all software products, except as otherwise provided for by prevailing law, the entire extent of our liability for the use of our software is limited to the product's purchase price. This is true even if we have been advised of and are aware of any problems with our software which may have caused trouble or unexpected or undesired consequences from its use. The software's user assumes and accepts the full burden of responsibility for all consequences of the use of the software. These necessary limitations notwithstanding, we have always made, and will always make, every effort possible to produce software that meets or exceeds the highest quality standards and performs as stated.
Thank you for your support of our commitment to developing the highest quality tools and technology for preserving the health, security, and integrity of personal computing.

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