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Please provide your transaction
code or product serial number:

 Your 13-character purchase transaction code was originally provided on your software purchase receipt web page, which was also sent to you via eMail. It may be used at any time to display and edit several settings in your transaction record, and to download the latest version of your licensed software.

 Your 13-character software serial number appears on the title page of every copy of your software. It may be used to request a copy of your original purchase receipt to be eMailed to your currently registered address. This is useful in the event that your transaction code has been misplaced.

 8-character software serial numbers have not been issued since July of 2003. Upgrading those older products to the latest SpinRite requires a paid upgrade. In return, you will receive the latest version of SpinRite with enrollment in this online system for subsequent free software replacement and updates. As an owner of an earlier version of SpinRite, your 8-character serial number will qualify you for upgrade discounts.

In case of trouble:

 These codes are not case-sensitive, but because they are a random sequence of characters, they are easily mistyped. If our system does not recognize your code, please read its diagnostic message carefully for help. All codes contain internal self-checking technology to validate their authenticity independent of database access.

 If you require further assistance of any kind, please contact our offices via eMail at and provide your codes and as much information as we may require to help you.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for improving our service, we are always interested.

Thanks for your patronage and support.

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