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Super-Special (you must really know someone),
Secret, Insider's Only, $19 SpinRite 5.0 to
SpinRite 6.0 Pre-Release Upgrade Page.

This page is ONLY for people who already own SpinRite 5.0 and who purchased it or upgraded to it BEFORE this eCommerce system was online. Please see the rest of this page for details. (If this does NOT describe you, you will find additional helpful information in the items below.)
Please see our standard eCommerce purchasing page for our standard boilerplate information about our software licensing policies, etc. (Some of it is actually interesting, and may even be useful . . . even for those of you who are expert online software purchasers.)
This is a special access, non-public page, which can ONLY be used by people who purchased SpinRite 5.0 from the time it was born — six years ago in March of 1998 — until this online eCommerce system went online in July of 2003.

During these final pre-release days of SpinRite 6.0's development, all existing SpinRite 5.0 owners may use this page to upgrade to SpinRite 6.0 for the discounted price of $19, which will be raised to $29 at the time of SpinRite 6.0's full public release.
This page is NOT for you — if you own any older version of SpinRite BEFORE v5.0.

When SpinRite 6.0 is released for general purchase, the old-version upgrade prices will increase by $10, so if you are interested in owning SpinRite v6.0 you can save $10 by upgrading sooner rather than later. Everyone who purchases SpinRite through this online system, or who has EVER purchased through here, will receive a free and automatic upgrade to SpinRite 6.0 — that's right — and may participate in the pre-release testing of SpinRite 6.0 that is now underway. (See "How to get SpinRite 5.0 and the SpinRite 6.0 Pre-Release" below.)

To upgrade your older version of SpinRite (and save $10 over the post-release pricing), please see our standard eCommerce purchasing page.
This page is NOT for you — if you have EVER given this eCommerce system ANY of your money before.

If you have ever used this system over the past nine months to pay for and receive SpinRite 5.0, you are already "in the system". Your existing relationship with us already entitles you to experiment with the pre-release of SpinRite 6.0 and to receive a free upgrade to the final SpinRite 6.0. (We will be sending eMail to everyone in the system with their download links for SpinRite 6.0 once it has been released.)
Briefly, what is SpinRite 6.0? SpinRite 6.0 is the first SpinRite to be compatible with ALL operating systems, ALL file systems, and ALL partition types. It can be used on ANY Windows operating system, and on Linux, Novell, and anything else — even on a completely empty unformatted drive.

SpinRite 6.0 includes its own copy of the FreeDOS operating system kernel, and, when run under Windows, can create its own bootable diskette, or an .ISO image for burning a bootable CD-ROM, or can install itself onto any other bootable media, such as a USB Flashdrive.

SpinRite 6.0 is the truly universal hard drive data recovery and long-term maintenance utility many people have been wanting and hoping we would create. And, still written in 10015d4cc8ure assembly language, all of SpinRite's capabilities are contained within a single, 170 kb executable file requiring no installation. It doesn't modify your system, or any target system, in any way.
You must have the 8-character SERIAL NUMBER of your existing copy of SpinRite 5.0 to upgrade to SpinRite 6.0.

To qualify for the SpinRite 5.0 to SpinRite 6.0 upgrade, you MUST have the 8-character serial number from your previous copy of SpinRite 5.0. The serial number is displayed in the first several title pages after startup. Please see this page if you need additional help with locating your copy's unique serial number.

If you cannot locate or run your existing copy of SpinRite 5.0, you may contact our office (toll free by phone at 800-736-0637) or by eMail at . Since we probably did not take your eMail address at the time of your order, we are unable to retrieve your previous order that way. So please provide ample identification information, including your full name, street address, city, state, zip code, etc. at the time of your purchase so that we can locate your previous order and determine your previous serial number.

How to get SpinRite 5.0 and
the SpinRite 6.0 Pre-Release

Our eCommerce system identifies all clients (that's you) with a unique 13-character alphanumeric string, known as the transaction code. If you are already in the system, the web page and eMailed purchase receipt you received will clearly identify your transaction code. The eMailed receipt will have that same code embedded in your personalized software download link. For example:

Simply replace the sample transaction code above ("ABCDEFGHIJKLM") with your actual transaction code from your web page and eMailed receipt.

You may use this link at any time to obtain the most recent release of SpinRite. It will never expire, and it will always retrieve your own personalized copy of SpinRite. Since it will also eventually allow you to make changes to your transaction history page, update your eMail address, and examine your product download history, you should be careful to protect the privacy of this transaction code, since it is your private information.

Similarly, you can obtain any SpinRite 6.0 Pre-Releases (as they become available) by simply modifying the requested file, like this . . .

Changing the URL's requested filename from "SpinRite.exe" to "sr6_r01.exe", as shown in the sample above, will cause our eCommerce system to check for any file by that name and, if found, to return it to you instead of the most recent SpinRite executable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you mistype a filename, and provide one that our system does not recognize, you will receive a copy of SpinRite 5.0 using whatever filename you have provided.

If you know your 8-character serial number from your previous
copy of SpinRite 5.0, you may purchase a discounted
$19 upgrade by clicking the "Select" button below.

 SpinRite v6.0For owners of v5.0 
$ 19.00  

Owners of SpinRite version 5.0 (who have never used this eCommerce system) should choose the item above to purchase a license for the pre-release of SpinRite v6.0 with free upgrade to the final, released version of SpinRite v6.0.

Please locate your current product's serial number for prior purchase verification. You may contact our sales office at for prior purchase confirmation if you are unable to locate or obtain your previous version's serial number. If you do contact us by eMail, please provide your postal address at the time of your purchase, full name, street address, city, state, zip code, etc. We'll locate your previous order and provide you with your original serial number.

During this pre-release period, the "SpinRite.exe" link you
receive will download the latest version of SpinRite 5.0, and you
will be able to download any pre-release versions of SpinRite 6.0
by changing the filename as explained above. After SpinRite 6.0
has been formally released, the "SpinRite.exe" download will
always retrieve the latest public version of SpinRite v6.0

All currencies are US Dollars. Non-US currencies will be converted at the prevailing rate of exchange by your credit granting institution.
Please address any questions, comments, or concerns to our corporate offices at .
Thank you for your support of our commitment to developing the highest quality tools and technology for preserving the health, security, and integrity of personal computing.

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