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It has been suggested that because blocking third-party cookies doesn't provide absolute protection against Internet tracking (there are other more sneaky ways to accomplish the same thing) the developers felt that offering this option was tantamount to providing a false sense of privacy. We, of course, disagree with this sentiment. Although we agree that there's no perfect security, nor perfect privacy, doing simple things to enhance security and privacy always makes sense. We are glad that the forthcoming version 3 of Firefox has restored this simple option to its user interface.
For reasons unknown, the developers of the most popular non-IE web browser, Firefox, removed the simple "[ ] Accept third-party cookies" option from the current version 2 of Firefox. The previous Firefox v1.5 had this option, and v3 recently had it added back, but not v2.
cannot be blocke (please see the Firefox page for details). As shown in the table, this bug was fixed in Firefox v3, but that fix has not yet been back-ported to FFv2 and it is not known if or when it might be.

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