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ChromaZone ®

ChromaZone is the world's first, 3D, Interactive, Virtual Reality, Realtime
Screen Saver Construction Set for Windows 3.1 and Windows95.

ChromaZone is a new form of Windows program, created by me (the guy who created the SpinRite hard disk utility). Written, like SpinRite, in pure assembly language, ChromaZone consumes just 132k bytes of hard disk space, yet delivers limitless, interactively editable, three dimensional, animated, multi-million color, full-screen presentations which can be automatically displayed whenever your computer is idle.

Download ChromaZone Files Here!
Check out this truly amazing demonstration of Steve Gibson's newest product!
This demo needs no installation so it won't mess up your machine ... it just runs!

ChromaZone Demo

Full working demonstration of the ChromaZone screen saver construction set, including the product's standard 104 unique screen savers.

ChromaZone Tutorial

Colorful and entertaining Windows help file explaining ChromaZone's operation and all custom controls.

500 PACK ScreenSavers!

Replacement for the standard 104-saver configuration file contains our original 104 savers plus nearly 400 new savers!

Pack Of 400 ScreenSavers

400 ChromaZone screen savers that can be individually imported into existing ChromaZone configurations.

174 kb 210 kb 110 kb 190 kb

Learn More About ChromaZone Below!

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Incredibly Lean, Unique and High-Performance Screen Saver Construction Set.

In a world swamped with screen savers, ChromaZone stands alone. Those four screen shots above were created in seconds with ChromaZone, and those four plus 100 more are included in the ChromaZone Demo and in the full product.

Because Steve Gibson wrote it in pure assembly language, it's ridiculously tiny (about 100K), yet it delivers 100 completely different screen savers, and allows for infinitely more ... which YOU create.

ChromaZone's users have created and uploaded hundreds of new and unique screen savers ... 400 of which are also here for you to freely download and use!

If you read through some of the comments -- re-printed below with the permission of their authors -- you'll see just how unique they think ChromaZone really is.

Check out all ChromaZone's advanced features ... then consider that it's only $19.95, and that you can be playing with the demonstration version of the program until the final one arrives!

ChromaZone Features

ChromaZone 1.2 Key Features Include:
Requires only 132k of disk storage.
Includes more than 100 unique screen savers.
Integrated screen capture.
Custom user-interface for creating and editing hundreds of screen savers.
Mouse corners for immediate activation and suppression.
Password protection.
Full screen and windowed DOS application blanking.
Communication program awareness.
Advanced Power Management (APM) and Display Power Management (DPMS) support.
Extensive "right-click" pop-up balloon help.
Written in pure assembly language for smallest size and highest performance.


"Wow am I impressed! The more I get into Chromazone, the more I find that impresses me. Hope you get a product of the year and a special award for conserving electrons in the Zen sense of the Einsteinian world. And all it took was a 100K. Also your help system is outstanding. How about re-writing Microsoft Office, so I don't have to get a bigger hard disk????"
- Bill McCready, Honolulu, HI.

"This new screen saver of yours is the first one that has not caused some kind of problem for other applications in Windows. It is nothing short of FANTASTIC!!! (Sorry, didn't mean to yell)."
- Don MacLeod, Irvine, CA.

"Excellent Job! You did all things right, as usual. GREAT installation program. The program is way cool. Very nice graphics, they are extraordinary; a very interesting range of aesthetics. It's fascinating how the screen saver parameters produce such bizarre results. The performance and compactness of the program are very impressive. It seems that both are a lost art today."
- Joe Chasko, Sacramento, CA.

"Seriously, this has to be one of the few times that I've ever been really able to say that an advertised product exceeded my expectations big time. Thank you again for a superb product!"
- Clayton Buckles, Fairbanks, AK.

"ChromaZone is great! I've been marvelling at the fact that you did it all in assembly. The screen savers included are terrific... and mesmerizing. I like this program so much I'm going to order 4 more as gifts! I'm trying to get some spare time to design my own buttons."
- Bill McGill, Manhattan Beach, CA.

"I almost never play games on my machine, but I keep finding very clever details (like your right button help) in ChromaZone - you've got another winner - good luck with it!"
- Terry Honikman, Santa Barbara, CA.

"I couldn't contain my excitement when I saw the diskette in my mailbox, and I've just spent the last 3 hours just "checking it out for a few minutes" . I have a feeling I'm going to have to be committed with a lifetime prescription for Thorazine if I look and screw around with 'Pinwheel Mania' any more. Looks like you've outdone yourself. I can really appreciate the amount of time you've put into ChromaZone."
- Harry Palter, San Diego, CA.

"ChromaZone is spectacular! I'm looking forward to whatever other programs you'll be bringing out. I have a feeling that they'll impact computers just the way Spinrite and ChromaZone have. Small canvas, but *SUPERB* art!"
- Geoffrey Kidd, Berkeley, CA.

"Great work! I've only had ChromaZone for less than a day and have already deleted After Dark (for good). It seems to have 'endless' options."
- Martin Veider, Camarillo, CA.

"Received my ChromaZone yesterday, installed it last night and it is truly amazing. The best screen saver I have seen. The colors, shapes and designs are gorgeous. My wife admires ChromaZone a great deal. She is an artist and has been doing computer art for the last 8 years in addition to her watercolors. She thinks that ChromaZone is head and shoulders above all other screen savers."
- Jerry Gilbert, Gig Harbor, WA.

"I've been playing with ChromaZone for a week or two now. The more I play the more capabilities I unfold. It's a great product! Thanks for the fun."
- Allan Goodman, Hillsboro, OR.

"I just got ChromaZone yesterday and I must say, BRAVO!! It is an excellent program and I can see myself getting wrapped up in it already. I am glad the American programmer is not dead! Thank you for the program! The online help is great. The graphics are teriffic (how did you do it with just 256 colors?). The best is that the icon is a scream!!!"
- Steve Gratzer, Hialeah, FL.

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