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GRC Port Authority – Interactive Internet Database
 by Steve Gibson,  Gibson Research Corporation.

Port Authority Database Help

Accessing the GRC Port Info Database:

Online data for any Internet port within the range from 0 through 65535 may be accessed through the port Jump links at the bottom of any port database page, or directly with a URL of this form:

 . . . where the port is a decimal number in the range 0 through 65535.

For example, the URL used to display information about the standard HTTP world wide web port 80 would be:

If you wish to access port information in our Port Info database, please correct and resubmit the URL shown in your browser's URL field above, or use the Jump link at the bottom of the page.

Thank you.

You may press your browser's back button to
go to the page you were previously viewing,
or fill-in the field below to jump to any port.

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