Off The Grid
A paper-based system for encrypting
domain names into secure passwords.

Sample Grid Only – See page links below for usage instructions and personal grid creation
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The grid above contains a highly random arrangement of characters,
but with very special properties. It can be used to encrypt
website domain names into secure passwords.

Why is this useful?

This “Off The Grid” technology is the only known system to provide
secure encryption using nothing but a specially designed piece of paper.

Although this system initially uses software to design and print the grid, no technology of any kind is used to perform the encryption. Every other strong and modern encryption technology relies upon software running in your computer, your browser, your phone, or some other device to encrypt, decrypt, or store your passwords. And as everyone knows, any software-based system can be compromised by malware . . . and sooner or later, most are.

We designed this “Off The Grid” system to provide Internet users a uniquely and provably secure alternative to simply hoping that malicious software hasn't, or won't, infiltrate their personal password keeper, online password storage system, on-the-fly password generator, computer-hosted password storage vault, or whatever convenience technology is being employed to generate and/or store the passwords used to authenticate the user's identity to remote Internet websites.

“Off The Grid” converts any website's name into a secure password that you never need to write down, store, or remember because you can easily re-create the same secure password from the same website name the next time, and every time, you need it.

Websites are routinely compromised with their users' logon identity (eMail address and password) stolen. So reusing the same password on separate websites creates a tremendous risk because bad guys could obtain your eMail address and password from one site, then logon as you somewhere else with your reused password.

The “Off The Grid” system securely and uniquely encrypts each website's domain name into your personal password for that one site, so it automatically creates a different secure password for each website and reuse never occurs.

Once you know how to use your own unique personal grid, you will be able to easily create secure passwords that are “Off The Grid” so that no possible compromise of your computers, phones, “the cloud”, or any other devices can compromise your security.

Even though we can no longer live “off
the grid” . . . at least our passwords can!

The pages linked below thoroughly explain the system's security goals and operation, and allow you to create, print and begin using your own customized OTG grid:

Off The Grid Resource Pages:

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